Why Altfeld, Inc?

First of all, Altfeld, Inc. specializes in $2 to $200 Million dollar business to business companies. Our expertise lies in working with manufacturers, distributors and service providers. We are not the right choice for business to consumer or business to commerce companies and those companies with revenues much larger than $200 million.

Four distinct reasons:

1. We get involved and stay involved with your people and your company from start to finish.

2. Jim Altfeld is a re-engineering strategist with actual hands-on marketing, management, sales and advertising experience.

3. Altfeld Inc. has a strategic planning guarantee that not only returns your money if you are not satisfied, but pays an additional $500.00 for having wasted your time.

4. Jim Altfeld grew up in a small, boot strap, family owned manufacturing business.

"Having grown up in a small, bootstrap, family owned manufacturing company, I know how hard a small business owner works to make a buck. I know how important it is to him or her that the company continues to go forward and remains viable. I know there are a good many people counting on each and everyone of them. I know they have a tremendous amount of responsibility riding on their shoulders. I respect their situation and as a result, I go out of my way to help owners of small and mid-sized industrial, business to business companies think about and envision their company's future. My role is to help them protect what they have by thinking at a different level. I do this by getting them to work on their company while they continue working in their company. Kind of like changing the tires on the car while the car's still moving." - Jim Altfeld

Our Commitment:

We are committed to become a contributor to the longevity of your company and add to both your top and bottom line, not your costs. We are passionate about helping you to anticipate the future of your company, confront today's challenges while probing tomorrow's opportunities, take advantage of those opportunities, and eliminate and/or prevent any predictable future problems from occurring.

We pledge to assist you in formulating your vision, sharing, informing, involving and inspiring your people, and implementing "the plan" company-wide. We are committed to helping you seize control of your company's future before someone, some new technology, or some major event does it for you.

Finally, we are committed to teaching, growing and educating your people in the strategic thinking and planning process so they may carry on the process without any further assistance from us.

Our Purpose:

To make company's less dependent upon the Owner or CEO for its survival.

Our Mission:

To sow the seeds of positive attitude, learning, growth, vision, teamwork, enlightenment, optimism and true synergy throughout businesses. To continuously raise the level of our personal beings through knowledge, understanding and experience. To use that knowledge and experience to affect others positively.

Our Credo:

To do things never imagined; go places never considered; and achieve dreams never thought possible, together.

Our Slogan:

Because life is an everlasting question-mark!

Our Objectives:

  • Seek out challenging experiences.
  • Remain in a constant state of becoming with an insatiable hunger to learn, know and experience more.
  • Be unafraid to dare.
  • Become an owner's chief confidant through trust, honesty and integrity.

Our Principals:

  • Be honest.
  • Keep every commitment we make.
  • Always be prompt.
  • Treat everybody as equals.
  • Learn our business until we know more about it than anybody else.
  • Always be courteous, kind and considerate to those we work with, no matter how busy we may be.
  • Be the first to step forward when there's work to be done.
  • Be willing to undertake the tough jobs and the jobs involving risk.
  • Try to complete each job perfectly.
  • Take pride in our work.
  • Seek out the acknowledged experts and learn all you can from them.
  • Be the consummate professional.
  • Provide flawless consulting.

In Making Decisions

  • Make good decisions based on three things:
    • Our own knowledge of the subject matter.
    • Our ability to listen to people.
    • The information with which we are provided.
  • There is no way to avoid making bad decisions in business. The challenge is always to make more good ones than bad ones, and control the losses around the bad ones.
  • Bring an open and uncluttered mind to each new decision. Avoid developing a recipe or cookbook mentality toward making decisions.
  • An idea that failed in the past may be successful now because of changed conditions. We benefit from our past experiences, but avoid becoming a victim of it

Regarding One's Business Career

  • Absorb failures without becoming discouraged.
  • Achieve success without losing your sense of who you are and what you stand for.
  • Conduct business in the center of the ethical field, not along the sidelines.
  • Success in business depends to a large degree on timing and luck. We accept this fact and prepare ourselves.
  • Success is a direct result of developing a great team of people.
  • Surround yourself with people at least as talented as yourself.
  • Treat every person in your company as an important partner and team member.
  • Listen to the customers yourself. Spend a great deal of time personally making sure that you are doing a great job for them.
  • Although it is human nature to resist change – we can never be satisfied; we get up every day resolving to make things better.

In Retrospect

  • Our conscience tells us that we treated each person in our company fairly and generously rewarded them for their outstanding performance.
  • We did a better job for our customers than anyone else.