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 42 Rules For Your New Leadership Role G
 The Age of Unreason VG
 American Lion (NEW) O
 Animal Farm (NEW) O
 The Art of Possibilities O
 The Balanced Scorecard E
 Bound to Lead (NEW) E
 The Biggest Mistake a Leader Can Make (NEW VIDEO)  G
 Building Leaders  G
 Built to Last  G
 Cancel Your Own Goddamn Subscription E
 The Centerless Corporation  G
 CEO Magazine (monthly) O
 The Circle of Innovation  G
 Coach and Couch: The Psychology of Making Better
 Leaders (NEW)
 Communicating Change  G
 Control Your Own Destiny or Someone Else Will  O
 Critical Thinking:  Tools for Taking Charge of Your
 Professional and Personal Life
 The Difference Between God and Larry Ellison  G
 The E-Myth Manager  E

 Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done

 The Executive Odyssey  VG
 The Extraordinary Leader (NEW) E
 Fad Surfing in the Boardroom  E
 The Flight of the Buffalo  E
 Forbes Magazine (monthly)  E
 Ford, The Men & The Machine  E
 Get Better or Get Beaten  VG
 The Great Game of Business  E
 Grinding It Out  E
 Growing a Business  VG
 Good to Great - Jim Altfeld Summary 
 Good to Great - Ken McGuire Summary 
 Harvard Business Review (monthly)  E
 Henry Ford, Biography  E
 I'd Like the World to Buy a Coke  E
 If It Ain't Broke, Break It  E
 Innovation and Entrepreneurship  E
 It's Good Business  E
 Jack Welch and the GE Way  G
 Jack Welch Speaks  VG
 Jack Straight From the Gut  O
 John W. Gardner on Leadership  O
 Judgment: How Winning Leaders Make Great Calls (NEW) E
 Keep the Family Baggage Out of the Family Business E
 The Leader on the Couch:  A Clinical Approach to
 Changing People & Organizations
 Leadership: The Inner Side of Greatness VG
 Leadership is an Art  VG
 The Leadership Moment (NEW)  E
 Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun  VG
 Making Sense of the Organization (NEW)  VG
 Managing in a Time of Great Change  E
 Maverick  O
 Measuring Corporate Performance
 Memos to the President VG
 Mistakes Were Made (But not by me): Why We Justify
 Foolish Beliefs, Bad Decisions and Hurtful Acts
 Myself and Other Important Matters  E
 Napoleon of New York (NEW) O
 Nuts!  O
 Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive
 Outliers:  The Story of Success
 Playing To Win VG
 The Power of Strategic Thinking
 The Power Point
 The Power to Lead (NEW) E
 The Promise of American Life  O
 Reengineering the Corporation  VG
 The Road Ahead  VG
 Servant Leadership O
 The Seven Levels of Change  VG
 Small Giants:  Companies That Choose to Be Great
 Instead of Big
 A Stake in the Outcome O
 The SkunkWorks  O
 Small Giants (NEW) E
 Straight From the CEO  E
 A Team of Rivals (NEW) O
 The Thing Itself G
 Think and Grow Rich E
 Think Out of the Box  VG
 Thriving in Chaos  VG
 Titan: The Life of John D. Rockerfeller, Sr.  O
 Total Contingency Planning for Disasters  VG
 Total Leadership:  Be a Better Leader, Have a Richer
 Life (NEW)
 Uncommon Friends
 Understanding Organizations (NEW)
 Visionary Leadership
 Waiting for the Mountain
 What Matters Now O
 When Nietzsche Wept
  Why Smart Executives Fail O
 What the CEO Wants You to Know


 Wisdom of the CEO E
 A Year of Growing Rich by Napolean Hill O



 Becoming a Better Value Creator G
 Best Practices Are Stupid G
 The Best & Worst of Horseracing (NEW) E
 Creating Mega Results E
 Crisis Management for Corporate Self Defense  G
 Crucial Confrontations O
 Demographics Magazine (monthly)  VG
 Driven O
 Defining Moments O
 Don't Fire Them, Fire Them Up  G
 Drinking From The Fire Hose VG
 Drive E
 Empowered Teams VG
 Franklin Quest  G
 Game Storming G
 The Gamesman  VG
 Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got E
 Growing Pains E
 Harada Method E
 Heroz  O
 Hidden Value  VG
How The Way We Talk Can Change The Way We Work  O
 The Industry Standard Magazine (monthly)  VG
 Innovation to the Core (NEW) E
 Inside the Tornado  G
 It's Your Ship by Captain D. Michael Abrashoff  O
 Just Listen O
 Liberation Management  VG
 Maslow On Management O
 Managing Automation Magazine (monthly)  E
 Managing the Unexpected (NEW) VG
 My Years with General Motors
 The New Turnaround
 Outliers (New) O
 Punished By Rewards (NEW) O
 Real Time
 Reengineering Management
 Resolving Conflict E
 Sales Management  O
 Self-Defence Finance for Small Businesses  E
 A Sense of Urgency  E
 Sacred Hoops  E
 Seven Habits  VG
 Success Magazine (Monthly)


 Thank God It's Monday (NEW) G
 Three Rules E
 Thresholds of Motivation (NEW) VG
 The Wall Street Journal (daily)  E
 What Do I Do Now? E
 WHO: The A Method for Hiring (NEW) E
 Winning Through Innovation  E
 Zapp!  O
 Bottom-Up Marketing  E
 Business to Business Marketing


 Corporate Blogging (NEW) E
 E-Strategy Pure & Simple G
 Kotler on Marketing  G
 Leapfrogging the Competition  VG
 Managing Channels of Distribution  E
 The Marketing Imagination  G
 Marketing Warfare  E
 The New Rules for Marketing & PR (NEW) O
 Social Media Marketing (NEW) O
 Worldwide Rave (NEW) VG
 10 Secrets of Time Management for Salespeople  VG
 Conceptual Selling O
 Customer Loyalty E
 Customers for Life  VG
 Dig Your Well Before You'reThirsty E
 How to Hire & Develop Your Next Top Performer O
 The Greatest Salesman in the World  E
 Integrated Account Management  VG
 Key Accounts are Different  E
 Let’s Get Real or Let’s Not Play:  Transforming the
 Buyer/Seller Relationship (NEW)
 Moments of Truth
 Pushing the Envelope VG
 Rethinking the Sales Force O
 Sales Management  O
 Selling Machine  G
 Selling with Integrity  O
 Strategic Selling  VG
 Successful Large Account Management  VG
 Taking Charge & Letting Go


 Unlimited Referrals


 Visionary Selling


 All I Need to Know About Manufacturing I Learned in  Joe's Garage E
 Critical Chain (NEW) E
 Critical Thinking (NEW) E
 Dynamic Manufacturing VG
 Let's Fix It!  VG
 The Goal  O
 High Velocity Edge O
 The Road to Manufactiring Success


 The Soul of the Enterprise


 World Class Manufacturing


 Basic Economics
 Common Cents  G
 The 36 Hour Course in Finance for Nonfinancial  Managers  VG
 World Trade
 Globalwork  VG
 Operation China (NEW) VG
General Rating
 The Case for God (NEW) O
 The Future of Islam (NEW) VG
 Getting It Wrong (NEW) E
 The Good Soldiers (NEW) E
 The Homerun Horse (NEW) E
 The Hustler's Handbook (NEW) E
 Laffit (NEW) E
 Laughing in the Hills (NEW) E
 The Light Within:  The Extraordinary Friendship of a
 Doctor and a Patient Brought
 Loves Executioner (NEW) E
 Lying On the Couch (NEW) O
 Mistakes Were Made (NEW) E
 Momma & The Meaning of Life (NEW) E
 Monkey Luv (NEW) O
 Myself & Other Important Matters (NEW) E
 Not By a Long Shot (NEW) E
 The Portable Nietzsche (NEW) E
 Ramblin Man (NEW) VG
 The Schopenhauer Cure (NEW) E
 Tangled Web (NEW) E
 The Thing Itself (NEW) G
 With the Old Breed (NEW) O
 When Nietzsche Wept (NEW) O
 The Yalom Reader (NEW) O
 30 Tons a Day (NEW) E


 Classes on DVD  Rating
 America & The New Gloabal Economy (NEW)  O
 Big History (NEW)  O
 Biology & Human Behavior (NEW)  E
 Buying a Business  VG
 Creative Thinking  E
 Cycles of American Political Thought (NEW)  O
 Einstein's Relativity & the Quantum Revolution (NEW)  E
 Emerson, Thoreau & Transcendentalism (NEW)  E
 E-Myth Seminar  E
 Entrepreneurial Thinking  E
 Existentialism & The Meaning of Life (NEW)  E
 Finding Life's Purpose (NEW)  E
 Freewill and Determinism (NEW)  E
 Gateways to NOW (NEW)  E
 Great Ideas of Philosophy (NEW)  E
 Great World Religions (NEW)  E
 How to Delegate  VG
 How to Listen to & Understand Opera (NEW)  VG
 In a Presence of a Great Myth (NEW)  E
 The Management Advantage  VG
 Nine Traits to a Highly Successful Work Team  VG
 Nutrition Made Clear (NEW)  O
 The Power of NOW (NEW)  O
 Practical Coaching Skills  VG
 Project Management  VG
 Re-Engineering Yourself  O
 Secret of Self Realization (NEW)  E
 Selling to Vito VG
 Stillness Speaks (NEW)  E
 Through the Open Door to Vastness (NEW)  E
 Tool of Thought (NEW)  E
 The Will to Power: Nietzsche (NEW)  E

Only Time (9/11 Tribute)
Can't Cry Hard Enough

Facts on 9/11

Some things the US citizens should never forget:

After the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, which killed six and injured 1,000; President Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished.

After the 1995 bombing in Saudi Arabia, which killed five U.S. military personnel; Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished.

After the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia, which killed 19 and injured 200 U.S. military personnel; Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished.

After the 1998 bombing of U.S. embassies in Africa, which killed 224 and injured 5,000; Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished.

After the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole, which killed 17 and injured 39 U.S. sailors; Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished.

Maybe if Clinton had kept his promise, an estimated 7,000 people in New York and Washington, D.C. that are now dead would be alive today.


This question was raised on a Philly radio call-in show. Without casting stones, it is a legitimate question. There are two men, both extremely wealthy. One develops relatively cheap software and gives billions of dollars to charity. ÊThe other sponsors terrorism. ÊThat being the case, why is it that the Clinton Administration spent more money chasing down Bill Gates over the past eight years than Osama bin Laden?


I sat in a movie theater watching "Schindler's List," asked myself, "Why didn't the Jews fight back?"

Now I know why.

I sat in a movie theater, watching "Pearl Harbor" and asked myself, "Why weren't we prepared?"

Now I know why.

Civilized people cannot fathom, much less predict, the actions of evil people.

On September 11, dozens of capable airplane passengers allowed themselves to be overpowered by a handful of poorly armed terrorists because they did not comprehend the depth of hatred that motivated their captors.

On September 11, thousands of innocent people were murdered because too many Americans naively reject the reality that some nations are dedicated to the dominance of others. Many political pundits, pacifists and media Êpersonnel want us to forget the carnage. They say we must focus on the bravery of the rescuers and ignore the cowardice of the killers. They Êimplore us to understand the motivation of the perpetrators. Major Êtelevision stations have announced they will assist the healing process by not replaying >devastating footage of the planes crashing into the Twin Towers.

I will not be manipulated.

I will not pretend to understand.

I will not forget.

I will not forget the liberal media who abused freedom of the press to kick our country when it was vulnerable and hurting.

I will not forget that CBS anchor Dan Rather preceded President Bush's address to the nation with the snide remark, "No matter how you feel about him, he is still our president."

I will not forget that ABC TV anchor Peter Jennings questioned President Bush's motives for not returning immediately to Washington, DC and commented, "We're all pretty skeptical and cynical about Washington."

And I will not forget that ABC's Mark Halperin warned if reporters weren't informed of every little detail of this war, they aren't "likely -- nor should they be expected -- to show deference."

I will not isolate myself from my fellow Americans by pretending an attack on the USS Cole in Yemen was not an attack on the United States of America.

I will not forget the Clinton administration equipped Islamic terrorists and their supporters with the world's most sophisticated telecommunications equipment and encryption technology, thereby compromising America's ability to trace terrorist radio, cell phone, land lines, faxes and modem communications.

I will not be appeased with pointless, quick retaliatory strikes like those perfected by the previous administration.

I will not be comforted by "feel-good, do nothing" regulations like the silly "Have your bags been under your control?" question at the airport.

I will not be influenced by so called,"antiwar demonstrators" who exploit the right of expression to chant anti-American obscenities.

I will not forget the moral victory handed the North Vietnamese by American war protesters who reviled and spat upon the returning soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines.

I will not be softened by the wishful thinking of pacifists who chose reassurance over reality.

I will embrace the wise words of Prime Minister Tony Blair who told Labor Party conference, "They have no moral inhibition on the slaughter of the innocent. If they could have murdered not 7,000 but 70,000, does anyone doubt they would have done so and rejoiced in it?

There is no compromise possible with such people, no meeting of minds, no point of understanding with such terror. Just a choice: defeat it or be defeated by it. And defeat it we must!"

I will force myself to: -hear the weeping -feel the helplessness -imagine the terror -sense the panic -smell the burning flesh - experience the loss - remember the hatred.

I sat in a movie theater, watching "Private Ryan" and asked myself, "Where did they find the courage?"

Now I know.

We have no choice. Living without liberty is not living. -- Ed Evans, MGySgt., USMC (Ret.) Not as lean, Not as mean, But still a Marine.

Keep this going until every living American has read it and memorized it so we don't make the same mistake again.


We Will Prevail
A Year Of Resolve