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Manual for Owners and Chief Executive Officers

The Owner's Manual:
For Owners, CEOs, Presidents, Principals and Executive Management of Small to Mid-Size Business to Business $2MM to $50MM Companies

By Jim Altfeld

"I read this book, it worked so well for us and I was so impressed, we hired the author as a consultant."

Joseph Granatelli
Paxton Products

For those small and mid-size business to business owners who have ever wrestled with where their company is going and how they intend to get it there, The Owner's Manual is must reading. As a concise, thought provoking, insightful, educational and challenging guide for taking control of your company's future, the lively paced book takes you step, by logical step through the entire strategic thinking process. The author covers every aspect necessary for determining a company's future and creating the plan for getting it there. Replete with interesting anecdotes, humor and hard-hitting questions, the book maintains your interest throughout what could otherwise be a tedious, difficult, and tiresome process. Altfeld forces the reader to extract himself from the day to day operational challenges of crisis management and begin thinking about the opportunities of tomorrow. As stated throughout the book, "the future is an invisible place only until you start thinking about it."

The Owner's Manual prepares the chief strategist of any small to mid-size, business-to-business company for dealing with tomorrow and all the tomorrow's to follow. The book covers such topics as involving and inspiring your people; creating an interdependent, horizontal infrastructure; your company's hierarchy; establishing the companyÕs values and determining its culture. According to the book's author, Jim Altfeld, President of Altfeld, Inc., "The book was written to provide answers to many of the questions owners have regarding the formulation and sharing of their company's vision. I wanted to provide owners with an easy-to-digest and comprehend guide that would teach them, step by step, how to provide direction, involve and grow their people, and take the appropriate actions to ensure that the vision they create becomes reality."

The author does an excellent job of explaining how an owner goes about identifying the company's core competencies and deciding what business the company actually is in. From there, he provides the tools and mindset required to create the vision, mission, objectives, strategies and tactics for your company, as well as for revolutionizing your entire industry, changing the rules, the game and the playing field, and setting your company apart from all others.

To receive a hard copy, send a check or money order for $24.95 to Altfeld, Inc., 1403 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, Ca. 91506. (Price includes shipping and handling.)

Audio Tape

A half-hour audio tape and CD-rom aimed at CEO's, presidents, and owners of $2 - $200 million business to business companies, is offered at no cost, by Altfeld, Inc. The question/answer session details how small and medium sized companies can best utilize strategic planning to gain control of its future. According to Jim Altfeld, president of Altfeld, Inc "We tried to cover every question that a CEO, president or owner would ask about how they and their company would benefit from strategic planning. That included anticipating their future, remaining focused while meeting the day to day challenges of crisis management, dealing with technology, sharing the information and involving others throughout the company and taking appropriate actions to ensure that the vision becomes reality."

The cassette also explains the breakdown of a company into systems and processes, how every company consists of three key segments, and how the planning process itself is key. "You may find that after a period of time, some portion of your plan is wrong, some new technology is introduced, or some event takes place that changes everything.

All plans need to be flexible enough to be reviewed, reinvented and renewed. The key is the planning process. Once you have that down, alternatives can be considered with greater clarity and creativity," says Altfeld.

To receive a free cassette or cd-rom, send your request to Altfeld, Inc. (818) 953-4054, fax (818) 953-4037, or e-mail


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